Energy Management

Veolia provides the design, engineering, procurement, operating and maintenance support that industries need to reduce their energy supply costs, manage their consumption, and benefit from effective resources for energy production, distribution and use.

Optimizing the energy chain
Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are two major challenges for industry. By tailoring its solutions to the number and variety of sites, managing and by broadening its range of services and scope of action, Veolia are helping our customers meet these challenges across the energy management chain.
Customer responses to each industry's needs
Each industry requires a custom approach to its specific challenges. This includes managing hazardous situations in chemicals manufacturing and delivering a continuous supply of steam in paper making, providing ultra clean air in pharmaceuticals and meeting production line flexibility requirements in automobile plants. Veolia base its response on the highest quality and safety standards, as well as our knowledge of the customers' environment.
From utilities to outsourced general support services
Veolia handles a whole range of aligned services to optimize the energy and environmental performance of customer facilities. These include energy utility management, production resource maintenance, HVAC systems, technical building and infrastructure management and outsourced general support services.