Energy Management

From supplying heat through district heating networks to maintaining and illuminating public buildings, Veolia partner with local authorities to deliver solutions that keep residents comfortable, protect the environment and control costs. 

District networks: sustainable solutions
Along with meeting heavy demand, district heating and cooling networks offer such advantages as controlled energy costs, reduced air pollution and greater safety for residents. As the leading heating network operator in Europe, Veolia have the capabilities to meet the most demanding constraints, notably in such cold-winter locations as Hardin, Poland, Czech Republic, and Montreal, Canada.
Cultural, sports and leisure facilities
Large public complexes such as swimming pools, sports and recreation and university campuses leverage Veolia’s expertise to maintain a comfortable, safe and efficient environment. For these facilities, Veolia manage HVAC and smoke-extraction systems, plumbing and hot water supply, generators, elevators, scoreboards, gates and grilles and much more.
Quality relationships with constituents
By providing services that make public buildings more welcoming and comfortable and local services more efficient, Veolia help municipalities maintain a positive relationship with their citizens. As a longstanding partner to local authorities, Veolia provides innovative, cost-effective solutions ranging from renovation and standards compliance to comprehensive management of municipal assets.