Chongqing Dayuan: Sincere Center (Xiexin)

Mixed development areas, combining residential, commercial, institutional, entertainment and other buildings, are being established in many of China’s major cities to provide more integrated and convenient neighbourhoods for people and communities. These areas are also heavy users of energy given their significant need for heating and cooling, lighting, ventilation and other utilities.

Energy demands in China’s mixed development areas span heat, electricity and gas, and they are still on the rise.

Veolia has extensive experience implementing smarter energy management systems in complex buildings worldwide. As a reliable energy partner, Veolia develops effective energy efficiency programmes that make buildings more appealing to customers and tenants and boost their asset value, while supporting the client’s sustainability commitment and budget goals.

Who are our customers?

Commercial clients 


The Veolia Solution

Veolia’s advanced energy management technologies help developers achieve high-efficiency energy performance.

Veolia built and now operates an energy centre at Sincere Center (Xiexin), a high-end mixed development located in the bustling Jiangbei district of Chongqing, to supply heating, cooling and hot water services to a variety of commercial buildings. Veolia’s smart system provides comprehensive analysis services to help the developer meet energy efficiency goals.

Veolia’s energy centre at the Sincere Center (Xiexin) provides heating, cooling and sanitary hot water to an international hotel, three office buildings and a shopping mall, covering a total area of 103,228m2. With access to Veolia’s comprehensive analysis service, developers have full transparency into the energy production, distribution and consumption at the complex. This allows them to make up-to-the-minute decisions, prioritise resources, and optimise energy efficiency in the long-term.


Benefits for our customers

Reliable heating, cooling and hot water supply

Comprehensive analysis

Optimised energy efficiency