Harbin Southwest District Heating

With solid experience and global expertise in the field of urban heating systems, Veolia won a bid from Harbin Municipality to build and operate the Harbin Southwest District Heating Network at the early construction stage in May 2007. Veolia is responsible for the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of the project, and provides 183 days of stable and high-quality heating services to the network’s residents and institutions every winter. 

The installed capacity, pipeline network and heating substations of the Harbin Southwest District Heating Network have since undergone gradual transformation and expansion during each heating season. Since the completion of the second phase of construction, the project has been upgraded to a combined heat and power heating system, which generates electricity while supplying heat, and transmits the electricity to the local grid, effectively improving energy efficiency.


Key Figures

Area served:

3,000 million m2

Installed heating capacity:

1,325 MW

Installed electricity capacity:

120 MW