Improving Access to Resources

Our rapidly developing global economy and growing population are putting intense pressure on the planet’s resources. Access to fundamental resources is also becoming increasingly complex.

Veolia is responding to these challenges by coming up with innovative solutions that improve access to resources. By supplying the greatest possible number of people with the resources they need, Veolia is helping to enhance the wellbeing of communities, attractiveness of regions and performance of companies.

Veolia water waste energy


Some of Veolia’s solutions to improving access to resources in China include:
Access to resources


Veolia provides access to safe drinking water in Shanghai

In the first large-scale Public-Private-Partnership in China’s water industry, Veolia established a water production and distribution service, improving access to drinking water for residents in the Shanghai Pudong area.
  • Population served: 3.8 million
  • Scope: Water production, distribution and a 24/7 integrated operation centre encompassing a Customer Call Centre, Water Quality Centre and Control Centre
Shanghai Puxi WTE


Veolia derives green energy from municipal solid waste in Shanghai

At the Shanghai Puxi Jiangqiao Incineration Plant , Veolia uses the steam generated from combusting municipal solid waste to run turbine generators that produce electricity, improving access to green energy.
  • Waste treatment: 1,500 tonnes per day


Veolia upgrades Jiamusi urban heating network in an award-winning project

To improve access to clean, reliable, safe and high-quality heating and cooling services, Veolia modernised Jiamusi’s heating network, rebuilt pipelines and replaced 106 substations. The project won Veolia the “Green Energy Climate Award” from the IEA in 2009.
  • Area served: 17 million m2 by 2020