Water management

Veolia’s commitment to the public authorities is to ensure high quality clean water and to guarantee a high level of service, tailored to each individual situation whether it is a highly urbanized, rural, coastal or mountain area. 

Veolia have supported and lent its years of expertise on managing the complete water cycle and know-how on all aspects of water services to public authorities. Through outsourcing these services, the public authorities and the operating company are able to ensure the quality of drinking water and wastewater services provided to the citizen consumer. 
Water services
Veolia’s priority is focused on deploying all the techniques necessary to ensure the clean quality of the water - that is to ensure it complies with the health standards as defined by the World Health Organization, European Union or by legislation passed in each individual country.
Wastewater treatment services
Veolia supports growing urbanization in China through designing, building and operating facilities able to treat increasingly complex effluents in accordance with ever more stringent discharge standards. Veolia have devised a comprehensive approach to assist public authorities, and the success of wastewater projects is ensured through clearly defined steps, including needs assessment, a local strategy, a quality guarantee and service performance measurements.
Managing distribution networks
Sustainable network management requires maintaining water quality while tackling the problem of waste. We are constantly building up our knowledge and expertise in leak detection and reduction and the management of network infrastructure.
Present in half of the 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.
Serving more than 43 million people in China, with around 27 million people served under full-service contracts