Soil remediation

Veolia’s waste management technology provides remediation services for polluted soil resulting from industrial accidents or after a site has been vacated due to heavily polluting industrial activity.

1) Tailored treatment processes and services
Veolia offers solutions that are tailored to the needs of customers, whether soil remediation in the operation of an industrial facility is a temporary necessity, or part of a large-scale restoration project for municipal governments; our solutions ensure that full use is made of biological, physical, chemical and heat treatment processing and application.
Veolia meets the demands of both municipalities and companies for cleaning, dismantling, transferring and treating contaminated building equipment.
Our services assure that sustainable means are used in the treating of methane, leachate and industrial wastewater generated by the soil remediation process.

2) Innovative solutions
Veolia has researched and developed phytoremediation with CNRS (French National Scientific Research Centre)  to restore soil contaminated by sludge spraying.