Soil Remediation

Veolia is accomplished in site investigation and remediation and able to provide feasible comprehensive solution according to contamination characteristics, extent, future land use, and etc.

Comprehensive solution

  • Provide the customized comprehensive solution for site remediation;
  • One-stop service for site remediation, including site investigation and risk assessment, design of remediation and project implementation so as to save time and financial costs for the client.

International technology and localized equipment

  • Technical support is provided by the professional soil remediation company GRS Valtech affiliated to Veolia;
  • Introduce the foreign equipment design, and domestically manufacture the equipment;

Operation and management experience in global environmental service project

  • Possess global soil remediation experts pool; Match international quality level.
  • Over 400 contaminated sites remediation experience

Types of contaminated site remediation:

Contaminated site remediation after industry relocation

Emergency remediation of site polluted by accidents

Remediation of industrial contaminated site in operation

Environmental restoration of river

Environmental restoration of mining zones

Remediation and reconstruction of landfill and temporary storage sites

Our services

One stop service of contaminated site remediation

  • Provide remediation proposal for various contaminated sites, including investigation, design and construction;
  • Assist project owner to develop the sustainable environmental solution.

Industrial site dismantling

  • Old facilities decommissioning
  • Contamination removal
  • Contaminated site remediation

Emergency response

  • Capable of providing fast, accurate and professional emergency remediation service
  • Network with Veolia hazardous waste treatment centers in North China, Central China, East China, South China, and etc., provide efficient onsite cleaning and remediation service.

Technical remediation solution provider

  • Scientifically size up the site situation, master multiple remediation technologies, and provide the best integrated treatment solution for the contaminated site.

Engineering project management and implementation

  • Provide turn- key solution and corresponding project management and implementation

Consulting service of site remediation

  • Provide the client with the comprehensive recommendations from investigation to remediation of the contaminated site, as well as provide substantial suggestions during the process.

Veolia’s three advanced technologies

Soil Washing

Ex-situ Indirect Thermal Desorption

In-Situ Thermal Desorption