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Beijing Yanshan Sinopec Project

The Chinese government has tightened industrial water regulations, a decision that affects many industries, including one of the nation’s most prominent, the oil and gas industry. Veolia is a trusted partner for oil and gas industry clients, delivering innovative industrial water solutions that not only ensure compliance to the most stringent policies and standards, but also minimise environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

China’s tightened industrial water regulations pose new challenges and opportunities for oil and gas industry.

A heavy consumer of water resources, the oil and gas industry is under constant pressure to obtain or maintain their license to operate. Veolia has extensive experience in developing and implementing sludge, wastewater and water treatment processes to help the industry fulfil policy requirements and reduce environmental impact.

Who are our customers?

Oil & Gas Industry


The Veolia Solution

Veolia brings years of experience in water cycle management for the oil and gas industry to reduce overall water footprint and boost water recycling rate in the Yanshan petrochemical complex.

In a contract with Asia’s largest refiner, Sinopec, Veoliaoperates the entire water cycleat the Yanshan Petrochemicals Complex, one of China’s main producers of oil-derived products and a site with considerable water demands.

Veolia and Sinopec Yanshan Group set up a joint venture to upgrade the water management at the Yanshan Petrochemicals Complex, which produces nearly 100 varieties of petrochemical products. Veolia covers the entire water cycle at the site, including cooling water, demineralised water, industrial water, drinking water, chilled water, wastewater and firefighting water. Veolia is also responsible for upgrading the wastewater treatment plant onsite, bringing it into compliance with standards and regulations while improving the quality of effluent being discharged into the environment. In addition, the contract includes the implementation of a comprehensive energy optimisation programme to reduce carbon footprint at the site.

Benefits for our customers

Regulatory Compliance

Water and Carbon Footprint Reduction

Decontamination of Effluent