5 april 2019

Taking Yoga Breaks in the Office

Veolia employees took part in the free yoga sessions in the office during lunch hours on 4 April (Fri). A change in energy was just what everyone needed after a long week at work.

A professional yoga instructor guided our colleagues through basic yoga steps including body stretching and relaxation exercises as well as taking deep breaths. Our colleagues also had some quiet moments to themselves to find their way back to inner peace and calm. They allowed them to recharge themselves within short time and experience new perspectives yoga brings. 

The class left with feeling more open and relaxed with rekindled passion for work. In Veolia, the health and well-being of employees is always first priority alongside our mission to resourcing the world. We wish to promote healthy working practices and lifestyles among our employees with the yoga sessions held being part of the efforts. We also strive to improve the overall quality of the workplace environment. 
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