Veolia China Organizes Drawing Campaign in Support of 2017 International Biodiversity Day

As one of Veolia's essential commitments to sustainable development, conservation and restoration of biodiversity is the key path to fulfill our mission of "Resourcing the world". Veolia contributes to limiting global biodiversity loss in twofold: we strive not only to reduce the footprint of our activities and that of our client's on the environment, but also to foster favorable conditions for the preservation and the restoration of species and their habitat.

In China, Veolia has developed a Biodiversity Preservation Plan for this priority zone that runs from 2016 up to 2018. Around 20 Chinese cities from where Veolia operates have taken already full action of this campaign to promote biodiversity at a local level.

Veolia’s efforts however, do not stop here.

To engage individuals in biodiversity issues, children of our employees and the local communities that we serve and operate, including students from local primary schools were invited to participate in the Biodiversity & Veolia Drawing Campaign. The Campaign was well received with hundreds of entries. 16 finalists were shortlisted by the jury and Xie Linmo, son of Customer Service Supervisor, Ms. Lin Wen from Haikou Project eventually came out on top to win the Drawing Campaign. The winner’s work has been included in the poster designed for 2017 International Biodiversity Day.

The finalists and the winners’ works can be found below.

Biodiversity Drawing Competition Champion

Biodiversity Drawing Competition - Champion Participant: XIE Linmo Parents: LIN Wen - Veolia Haikou Water Project