Hazardous waste treatment

Veolia is a leader in hazardous waste safe treatment and disposal in USA, Australia, Europe and China. Most of the biggest industrial groups in the world use Veolia hazardous waste expert handling. Its professional technology in treating, recycling and recovering useful materials ensures that the hazardous waste treatment process is covered in its entirety.

1) National and Corporate Compliances
Veolia uses management systems in compliance with the most stringent national legislation. This system also allows to track the waste from its collection to its final treatment guaranteeing complete transparency for our clients in compliance with our own corporate standards.

2) From separate collection to appropriate recycling
Hazardous waste such as paints, solvents, resins, residual oils, heavy metals, batteries, fluorescent tubes, contaminated packages and Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) needs to be collected separately to allow for recycling and resource recovery.

3) Comprehensive hazardous waste management
Veolia ensures comprehensive hazardous waste management in collection, transport, recovery, physicochemical treatment, incineration or landfill disposal. Its services aim to provide clients with the safe treatment of hazardous waste while fulfilling all reporting and transparency requirements.