Veolia: the pioneer of environmental conservation industry in China

Veolia has a strong presence in China, where its waste, water and energy activities are at the heart of sustainable development in China: resource conservation, environmental protection, recycling and sustainable economy, and social development.

Veolia has been providing resource management and environmental solutions to municipalities and industries in China since 1990s. The company manages more than 80 projects in around 40 cities of China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Covering more than
80 projects in China, including waste management
as well as water
and energy activities

Coverage reaches
about 40 cities

Key Figures (Greater China 2019)

- 26.5 million m3 of cooling water produced

 - 42.6 million m3 of process water produced for clients
- 43.4 million m3 of effluent treated

- Produced 1.7 million MWh of renewable energy from waste

- Treated 451k tonnes of hazardous waste 

- Over 1400 clients served by hazardous industrial waste collection

- Produced 5.8 million MWh of energy 

- 1.4 million people connected to district heating network


- over 120 contracts

- Provided 33.9 million of people with drinking water 

- Inputted 4 billion m3 of drinking water to network

- Collected 1.5 billion m3 of wastewater 

- 11.6 million of people connected to our wastewater networks