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Building Energy Services in Chongqing: Jiaheyumao Hong Kong city

Covering an area of 291,000 square meters, Jiaheyumao Hong Kong City is the first business complex built on the urban tramway in Chongqing. Located in the key area of Dadukou Commercial District, it comprises a residential building, hotel, shopping mall and business plaza. Veolia is responsible for the management of the air-conditioning system and the supply of cooling, heating and sanitary hot water to the hotel and shopping mall, which covers 100,000 square meters.

Instead of resorting to a coal-fired solution, the installed tri-generation (heating, cooling and electricity) equipment uses only gas to supply energy; it efficiently optimizes operations and reduces the carbon footprint.
Chongqing Sincere (Xiexin)

Building Energy Services in Chongqing: Sincere Center (Xiexin)

Sincere Center (Xiexin) is a high-end mixed development located in Jiangbei district, the main urban area in the northern part of Chongqing. Veolia built and now operates the energy center to supply heating (4,200 KW), cooling (14,700 KW) and sanitary hot water to an international hotel, three office buildings and a shopping mall, covering in total 103,228 square meters. Veolia also provides comprehensive analysis services (production, distribution and consumption) to the developer in order to constantly optimize the energy efficiency.