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Cogeneration plant serves Harbin southwest area

Harbin Southwest Centralized Heating Network was initially planned and constructed under the supervision of Harbin Municipality in accordance with Harbin urban construction plan. In 2007, Veolia won the bidding from the state-owned committee organized by Harbin Municipality, and completed the construction of phase I infrastructures of this heating network in the same year. Equipped with 5x58 MW heating capacity by hot-water boilers, Veolia began its first heating season from October 2007 to April 2008 and added the sixth additional 58 MW hot-water boiler the following year. By 2015, the total heating surface of phase I reached 19.7 million square meters. 

573 small coal-fired boiler houses, 356 chimneys were removed while the network connected to the main plant and substations were built in following heating seasons. The construction of phase II (cogeneration) began in 2011 and operation started in 2013. The phase II is equipped with 2 power generators and 4 steam boilers.