Chongqing Changshou Chemical Industry Park CHP

Experts are warning that without finding an alternative source for new, abundant energy resources, China’s energy demands will soon outstrip supply and compromise the country’s continued growth. With a view to mitigate the pressure on energy resource in China, Veolia integrates environmental conservation measures in energy strategies for clients.

Due to the issues surrounding the environmental impact of rapid economic development, China’s future prosperity is highly dependent on increased collaboration between municipalities and environmental service experts.

In China’s municipalities, combined heat and power (CHP) plants are offering a more energy-efficient solution for the generation of heat and electricity.

Who are our customers?

Industrial clients

The Veolia Solution

Veolia’s expertise in CHP Plant operation enables factories within an industrial park to benefit from a self-supporting power station.

Veolia designed a self-sufficient CHP Plant at the Chongqing (Changshou) Chemical Industry Park, producing steam and electricity from a single resource, achieving significant cost savings and emission reductions. 

The cogeneration plant provides a stable, consistent and high-quality supply of steam and electricity to the Chongqing Changshou Chemical Industrial Park, supporting more than 20 companies including a number of Fortune 500 firms. The CHP Plant produces steam that generates electricity and heat for the Park. Any remaining energy is fed to the national grid to increase energy supply. 

Benefits for our customers

Reduced steam and electricity costs

Supply reliability

Reduced emissions